We Love What We Do

We started this business simply to help foreigners receive apartments. Knowing how difficult the process can be. We also thought it was difficult for foreigners to find good deals as well. We never expected that it would become as successful as it did.

Our Staff

Gaijin Apartment Helper

We judge our success on how much we have helped our customers. We have guided our customers through many different situations. If you take a good look at the reviews you will see how much we have went out of our way to help as much as we could.


All of the contracts are done by a licensed realtor. you will need to have the whole contract read to you. Even though the contract are in Japanese we can translate them for you.

Monday - Friday
Open: 10 AM  - Closed: 5 PM

Please call first before coming.

Our Fee

Our realtors fee is usually the same amount as the rent.  Half of this fee needs to be paid in the beginning. This is refundable if you do not get accepted to the apartment but not if you cancel.

Our Location

We are located in Osaka and have associates in Tokyo for our Tokyo selection.