Rent With Us

Locations, Requirements & The Process

The Process


If you make an appointment with us for a showing we need at least a 24 hour notice.  You will ether get driven by car from the office or meet in front of the apartment building for the showing. You will need to see the property's in person before you can apply for them.


When you decide to receive an apartment you will need to fill out the application form. After you complete the application you will need to pay the service fee. This fee is listed in all of our listings under the total initial cost. This fee is refundable if you are denied the apartment but not if you cancel.


After the application and service fee is completed you will receive a call from the guarantor company. After you get accepted by the guarantor company we will schedule a time for you to sign the contract and pay the rent and so on. The whole process should take about a week.


Residence Card

You will need a residence card and with some rentals in Osaka or Tokyo you will need an address in back of your card. If you do need this on back of your card and don't have it we will help you.

Japanese Phone Number

You will need a Japanese phone number. If you do not have one yet but have a smart phone then it is very easy. Just go to either Skype or Google and receive a Japanese phone number through them.

Emergency Contact

Most rentals do require for you to have a Japanese citizen to be your emergency contact. It usually cannot be a foreigner. If you cannot receive one we can help you with this.

Ability To Pay Rent

Your salary should be three times higher than the rent. If you do not have a salary then you should have ether enough in your savings, have a contract for a new job or receive a guarantor.