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Our realtor license gives us access to the national real estate database. For a selection of nearly all of the apartments for rent in the Tokyo metropolitan area.  So no matter what size, quality, budget or location that you are looking for. We will help you receive a great selection of apartments to rent.

Luxury Apartments

If you're looking for a luxury or high rise apartment in Tokyo, you're at the right place. To save you from navigating various websites. We will find all the high-end apartments available in Tokyo through the main database for you.

Affordable Studios

If your looking for an apartment on a budget we can help. Even though Tokyo has the highest prices in Japan. That doesn't mean that there are many affordable studio apartments out there for you to rent.

Two Bedrooms Or Higher

Let us find the perfect apartment or home for your family or if your looking to rent as a couple. There are many layouts to choose from. For example a 2LDK is a two bedroom with a living room, dinning room and kitchen.


A M A Z I N G ! One of the best kept secrets out there if you are traveling to Japan. It is seriously tough to find an apartment as an outsider. Akiko and Derek help you navigate all the challenges. It’s really unbelievable. If you think you can do it yourself, move, and eventually find a place in Japan, it’s not that easy. There are other “agencies” out there that cater to foreigners but really they are run of the mill. Derek and Akiko will find a great place, in a great location, while also being affordable.

Live like a local! and let Derek and Akiko help you out when you make the move. I’m so happy I found them on Craigslist, I thought it was too good to be true, but it really isn’t. They genuinely care and actually want to help. If you have any questions just send me a FB message and I’ll be glad to run you through my entire A+ experience.

Silvio Chiba

I would like to thank Derek & Akiko for all of their amazing help with finding me a fantastic apartment! Not only did they find the perfect apartment for me, but they smoothly guided me through the process, and when things did get a little bumpy, they made sure that everything was sorted and that I did not need to worry. I could not have asked for a better agent, as they were there every step of the way, at any time.

For all those people who are looking for apartments and are struggling due to the language barrier and the excessive fees, please contact Derek & Akiko, they will be your saving grace!

Once again I would just like to thank you Derek & Akiko for everything that you have done for me, including the extra steps that you took to ensure that I was able to get this apartment. Words can not truly express how grateful that I am. Thank you!

Shannen Polzin

I was in a very huge chaos after I was told i only had 3 days left to get myself an apartment otherwise i must move in to a government shelter. after scouting for almost every available apartment around the vicinity, i was declined just because im a gaijin and my visa term was only one year! after searching for all possible help, a miracle rather, i stumbled upon a craigslist ad and started calling. akiko and derek answered me and made arrangements. in less than 24-hours i got myself a very good deal and yes, an apartment! the help didnt end there, akiko helped me with city hall work, assisted with japanese to english translation, negotiated on my behalf, even helped me move out, lend a truck, carry all the big stuff and so on. i could go whole day writing how these wonderful people contributed so much to me and my sons welfare. 🙂 aside from the excellent service, i also gained awesome friends

Asha Miyazaki
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Tokyo Life

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and has a population of over 13 million people. Making it the worlds largest populated metropolitan area. The city is the center of Japan's economy and culture. This is also true for entertainment, dining, trends and more. Explore some of the unique dining experiences for example the robot restaurant or the Gundam café. Experience the many festivals and events scheduled year round. The city has many parks and attractions for you to enjoy.

Main Areas

Take a trip to the computer town Akihabara where you will find numerous electronic shops and an overall unique Japanese shopping experience. There are large scale downtown areas, including Ginza where you can find famous shops from around the world, the Shinjuku that has become the "new city center," Asakusa which is reminiscent of the traditional Edo (the former name of Tokyo), and Shibuya.

Foreigner Friendly

The city also has the most job opportunities for foreigners in Japan. One reason for this is that more people speak English in Tokyo than anywhere else in Japan. The city also has the largest foreign community than anywhere else in Japan. There are many activities, attractions and events in Tokyo that should not be missed. There are many different reasons why this city is a good place to live. What are your reasons?


The city of Tokyo is in a humid climate zone with hot summers and mild winters. Annual rainfall averages nearly 1,530 millimetres (60.2 in). Winters are dry with snowfall being sporadic, but does occur a few times a year.


Tokyo Japan not surprisingly has the best public transportation in the world from buses to taxis. Trains are the preferred way to get around. The major rail companies are JR, Tokyo Metro and Toei as well as many private lines.