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Cheap Apartments In Tokyo

Searching for cheap apartments in the wards of Tokyo Japan is not just difficult. It can be confusing as well with all the hidden fees involved with JP listings. Here you will get to understand the market on affordable apartments renting as a foreigner in the wards of Tokyo.

Example Of Quality & Size

Of A Typical Affordable Apartment

There are many different ways to rent on the cheap in Tokyo. Share houses for example can be a cheaper alternative from a private studio. However private studio apartments can be smaller than 10 m² and some older studios are without a shower or bath.
Before we get into the cost let's get an idea of a typical affordable apartment rented in the Tokyo wards. The size will be between 13 m² to 25 m² and will be anywhere from 15 to 50 years old. It will have a basic layout with a small bathroom, a small kitchen and A/C.

Location Expected

Real estate is all about location, location and location. However when finding a good deal in the Tokyo wards your location should not be a main priority. The three cheapest wards in Tokyo are Katsushika-ku, Edogawa-ku and Adachi-ku. To keep it simple this is what you should expect when it comes to commuting times. On foot to the station expect a 10 to 20 min walk. Expect 30 mins or less by train to one of the main stations for example Shinjuku, Shibuya or Tokyo station.

What's Rent Start Out At?

For this size, quality and location as mentioned above the cost of your monthly rent still depends on many things. A simple starting price in the Tokyo wards will be about 60,000 yen or less than $600 a month.

Cheap Apartments In Tokyo

Can The 1st Month Rent Be Free?

Yes, It is possible to find the 1st months rent free in Tokyo but the selection will be very low if any selection at all. If location is not important to you you can get lucky.

Up Front Cost

Key Money & Deposits

The good news is you can avoid key money and deposits in both Tokyo and Osaka. In the city of Osaka you can go a step further and avoid a main initial fee for example the insurance fee, guarantor fee or cleaning fee. However in Tokyo these main fees should be expect for the move in cost.

Example, Move In Cost

  • 1st month’s rent = ¥60,000
  • Realtor Fee = ¥60,000
  • Guarantor Fee = ¥39,000
  • Insurance Fee = ¥20,000
  • Cleaning Fee = ¥40,000
  • Total = ¥219,000

Tokyo Apartments With No Key Money

Author, Derek Heidenreich

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