Asha Miyazaki

I was in a very huge chaos after I was told i only had 3 days left to get myself an apartment otherwise i must move in to a government shelter. after scouting for almost every available apartment around the vicinity, i was declined just because im a gaijin and my visa term was only one year! after searching for all possible help, a miracle rather, i stumbled upon a craigslist ad and started calling. akiko and derek answered me and made arrangements. in less than 24-hours i got myself a very good deal and yes, an apartment! the help didnt end there, akiko helped me with city hall work, assisted with japanese to english translation, negotiated on my behalf, even helped me move out, lend a truck, carry all the big stuff and so on. i could go whole day writing how these wonderful people contributed so much to me and my sons welfare. 🙂 aside from the excellent service, i also gained awesome friends