Mary Yama Sow

Lived in Saitama for a year but had to find a new place under 2 weeks. I was so stressed from multiple back-to-back rejections for being a foreigner. Derek & Akiko assisted me every step of the way. Not only they provide great assistance, they also go the next step further to give their honest non-biased opinion/advice. They will : always put your needs at first priority, find the best cost effective apartments, help defend against extra hidden fees, make sure all documents are sent quickly, translate applications for you, help set up utilities And so on.

As a native New Yorker, I already know how difficult it is to find apartment in a competitive area. However, finding a place on your own in Japan is frustrating, ridiculous and time consuming. Do yourself a huge favor and save all your energy for moving day by contacting
Derek & Akiko. In conclusion, I am moving in to my new home. ( ^-^)/~~