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We don't post many listings. We focus on providing each customer with a unique selection just for them. Here are some more options.

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Osaka apartments for foreigners to rent long-term. From affordable studios for students with no key money to luxury apartments & much more. No guarantors are needed and pay nothing until you apply for your next foreigner-friendly apartment. We have access to almost all the long-term apartments for foreigners in the Kansai area through the main realtor database. So no matter what location, size, and budget you are looking for we have you covered. A great way to understand how much we can help you is by reading some of our reviews off of Facebook.

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Apartments For Students

Living in a dorm is usually considered part of the student's experience, but a lot of foreign students actually don’t live on campus. For foreign students that want to live off-campus or students looking for a larger long-term apartment near campus we have you covered. Finding apartments for foreigners in Osaka Japan can be difficult but there are even more challenges for foreign students. Luckily, we are here to successfully find students the cheap apartments they are looking for. We will give you a great selection of student-friendly apartments and will help you with all the challenges foreign students have got a long-term apartment in Osaka.

Osaka Luxury Apartments

luxurious residences with style and substance. We can show you all the foreigner-friendly luxury apartments that suit you best in Osaka Japan. Our impressive selection of luxury rental properties is near all the long-term luxury apartments that are available to foreigners in the location you desire. Luxury towers to luxury low-rise apartments, with practical layouts, beautiful spacious interiors, incredible views, and a quiet environment. Osaka’s most highly sought-after luxury apartments for foreigners to rent long-term in prime central locations.  Start your journey with us here at Gaijin Apartment Helper.

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Osaka Life

Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan. The people are known to be friendly and outgoing. There are many shopping markets, restaurants, and great nightlife for you to explore as well. Visit some of the many parks with beautiful landscapes and green spaces that the city has to offer. There is Osaka Castle which is in the center of the city or universal studios Japan theme park as well. Osaka has easy access to some of the best sightseeing attractions. For example the two ancient capitals of Japan. You can take a visit Kyoto which is the number one place for sightseeing in the country. There is also Nara which has roaming deer threw out all the attractions and temples.


Namba is one of the downtown areas in Osaka. Namba is known for its great nightlife and entertainment. It also has one of or even the best neon lighting spectacles in the country. It is known for its many bars, clubs, and overall entertainment.


Take a trip to Tennoji for some of the most unique restaurants in town. There are famous Tsutenkaku Tower and the Abeno Harukas building which is the tallest building in Japan. Tennoji also has one of the best zoos in Osaka as well.


Umeda is the city center of Osaka and is where all the main train stations are in the city. The Hep five-building is in the center of Umeda. It has over 300 shops and restaurants. Most notably there is a Ferris wheel on top of the building where you can view the whole city.


Osaka has a humid climate. Average temperatures vary throughout the year. In summer temperatures can exceed 38°C (86°F). Winters are very mild and temperatures rarely dropped below zero Celsius (30°F). Average precipitation peaks during the rainy season, and in September during the typhoon season.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living is very reasonable for a big city in Japan. An average studio apartment will cost around ¥50,000. The average cost for a meal at a restaurant is about ¥900. The average cost for transportation is about ¥220. Altogether the cost of living in Osaka is about 14% cheaper than in Tokyo.


As you can imagine the public transportation is very good. Most places of interest are always within walking distance from a station. In the rare case that an area is not accessible by train. There are also many buses and taxis as well. Most apartments are less than a 15 min walk from a station.


There are numerous job opportunities even if you cannot speak Japanese. There are many websites that will help you find the job that you are looking for. Teaching English is the most common for foreigners. There are many schools around the city or go private and teach in cafes.